J. Charles Daigle Award

Established in 1976 in memory of the late Charles Daigle to recognize individuals at the executive level. This award is presented annually to an individual to be recognized at the executive level.

Anyone involved in hockey in the North-West is familiar with the name Jack Lebel. For many years, Jack has been scheduling, supervising, and coaching referees in the region. Jack was playing more of a behind the scenes role and he was a strong supporter and helper for the various referees in chief. When the position became vacant in the spring of 2018, he accepted to fill the vacancy to complete the term. He must have liked it because when the position was up for election for a 2-year term, he accepted to re-offer and was elected.

Jack starts the season before everyone by recruiting and promotion for referees. He then coordinates the certification and re-certification for the referees at various levels. This season, he had 84 referees to cover over an estimated 1,200 games, including minor, senior, elite and high school. He recruited 22 new referees, had 31 regular officials and 31 senior officials. He has helped young officials get level 5 certification in past few seasons.

He is even more active once the season starts- coordinating with the various associations, rinks and team officials, tracking and ensuring appropriate referees are available while also coordinating with Quebec and District 2 referee in chief for senior league games. He not only ensures availability of officials for games, but also for the many tournaments in the region. When games get cancelled, he is quick to get a hold of his referees, to avoid unnecessary trips. He manages in a way to be the most cost effective for minor hockey association, opting for local referees as much as possible, and when travel is required, he mandates car pooling to save cost.

When he is short on officials, Jack suits-up his referee uniform and hits the ice to make sure hockey gets played. If anyone is looking for Jack, they only need to head to a rink to find him. His calm nature, logical thinking for alternatives have garnered the respect of many referees. His dedication has helped with referee retention because they know they have the support and leadership they need to do their job.

For the work he has done over the years, especially the last few seasons, we are very proud to present the J. Charles Daigle award to Jack Lebel!

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcHE1O3ITzc

Vance Toner Development Award

Established in 1995, the Vance Toner Development Award is presented annually to an individual who has distinguished themselves by their excellent qualities as a teacher, coach and administrator, not only in their own community, but across the province.

Jean-Guy Robichaud is from Shippagan and has lived in Caraquet with his wife Gemma for several years. They raised 4 children and have 2 grandchildren. Mr. Robichaud has been active in the hockey in New Brunswick since the 1960s at all levels; whether as a coach, manager, league president, hockey school, sports manager, consultant, recruiter / scout for different teams; he covered all the necessary bases to carry out the plan.

In its infancy, hockey in NB was administered by the Maritime Hockey Association which included PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The MHA was officially admitted to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) in 1928 and continued like this for about 40 years.

In May 1967, Vance Toner of Moncton called a meeting for interested hockey enthusiasts, which was held in Memramcook. Jean-Guy Robichaud was a member of this committee from the start! Two other meetings were held in St. Andrews and Lancaster to further develop a branch in New Brunswick.

As a result of this momentum, at the annual meeting of the Maritime Amateur Hockey Association, New Brunswick received the blessing of the MHA to ask CAHA for official recognition as a separate branch. Consequently, in 1968, the New Brunswick Amateur Hockey Association (NBAHA) was formed and, at the national meeting in Windsor, Ontario, was formally admitted to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association as a full member with all rights and privileges.

Mr. Robichaud was the spokesperson for hockey on the Acadian Peninsula from the beginning. He led a group of individuals who founded the minor hockey association in Caraquet in 1968, then in Shippagan, Tracadie, Lamèque and Bathurst.

Jean-Guy also worked on Vance Toner's study on hockey in New Brunswick. He was also very involved with the establishment of the hockey school at the University of Moncton. They created numerous development opportunities in rural areas, by providing hockey camps.

He is one of the few Canadians to have studied hockey in Russia in the 1970s after the Summit series. Jean-Guy made contacts with various players in the hockey world to ensure that he had professional players present at the hockey schools in the Acadian Peninsula or at the Aigles Bleus at the Université de Moncton, where he also helped with the development of their hockey team.

His career choice as a teacher was reflected in his passion for teaching all aspects of hockey. Jean-Guy has allowed many hockey players to develop their hockey skills with his many tips.

When asked why he devoted his life to the sport of hockey, he stated: " It is an obvious fact that the creation of the New Brunswick Amateur Hockey Association has become the gateway to various national programs”.

We are very proud to present the 2019-2020 Vance Toner Development award to Jean-Guy Robichaud.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0m30sDgsNg

Female Breakthrough award

The Hockey New Brunswick Female Breakthrough award was established in 2004 to recognize an individual who has actively participated in the promotion of female hockey in New Brunswick during the current season.

Neal Dunn has been involved in hockey for many years in the Miramichi region and in 2018 he was elected the President of the Greater Miramichi Female Hockey Association. This past season, with Neal’s leadership the Association grew from having one Atom team and one Peewee team to having one Atom team, two Peewee teams, and one Bantam team.

Neal was also instrumental in assisting with the implementation of the Female Provincial League which operated during the 2019-20 season. Neal also serves as the ROC Female Representative for Region 6 where he consults with his ROC as well as the Female Commission on a regular basis on many female Hockey initiatives.

Neal has a great passion for promoting females in sport and is always looking for new ways to get more girls involved in the game of hockey. Just this past season he played a key role in creating an all-girls hockey day at the Tom Donovan Arena in Renous. This day had female teams from all over the province showcase their skills in a fun-filled day for the girls.

Neal and his wife Sheri were also very involved in Kraft Hockeyville in Renous, which was a huge accomplishment in New Brunswick. Both he and Sheri love to watch their daughter play hockey as well as other sports and when you ask Neal why he is so devoted to female hockey his answer is: “Female hockey has done so much for my daughter Marty, I just want to give back.”

We are proud to present this year’s Female Breakthrough award to Neal Dunn!

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmnKZN831hU

HNB’s 2019-2020 U7 Award- Tim McCarthy

The U7 Award was established in 2016 to recognize an active volunteer or Minor Hockey Association who has actively participated in the promotion and enhancement of the Hockey Canada U7 Program within their community.
Tim McCarthy has been an active member of the board with Carleton Minor Hockey Association for the past 8 years. He is currently the VP of the CMHA Executive and has been in this role for approximately 4 seasons.
Tim has 2 sons currently in hockey with another one who will start this fall. Rylan is 13 and just completed his second year of U13 AAA with the Northwest Bulls, where Tim was an Assistant Coach. Carsyn just completed his 3rd and final year of U7 hockey and will be moving into U9 in the fall. Gracyn is the youngest and he will be starting U7 in the fall.
Tim has been the U7 leader for the past 3 seasons. Thanks to Tim’s leadership of this program, Carleton Minor has seen a lot of success over the past 3 seasons. Tim’s “day job” as a teacher certainly shines through in his approach to how he deals with the kids in this age group.
When volunteers coached with him, Tim always referred to the Hockey Canada instruction guide and makes sure he teaches these young players the basic skills required at this level. Tim always organized the practices by creating multiple practice stations and communicating with the coach helpers prior to going onto the ice to ensure everyone knows what station / skill they are working on and to make sure everyone was on the same page. He would always end the practice with a fun game which always ended with the kids leaving the ice laughing and wanting to come back for more.
This past season, Tim spearheaded the initiative to raise the necessary funds to purchase half ice dividers for the Northern Carleton Civic Center for the U7 and U9 groups. Tim knows the benefit these will provide to both the U7 and U9 age groups and was the driving force in submitting applications for funding, presenting to our board and subsequently placing the order for these dividers. 
Tim is a fantastic leader; getting involved in helping CMHA in many different capacities. He was instrumental in establishing a power skating clinic in CMHA for all ages, which was implemented two seasons ago and has been very successful.
We are extremely lucky to have a volunteer like Tim McCarthy, which has been echoed by several members of his community and association. For everything he has done for the game and his players, Hockey New Brunswick is proud to present the 2019-2020 U7 Award to Tim McCarthy.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDSRMiQOG1s

Jim Stirling Memorial Scholarship Recipient

B.F. Lorenzetti and Associates Inc. are the insurance brokers for Hockey Canada. In 1996, B.F. Lorenzetti began sponsoring a program for Hockey Canada that allows every Branch to present a bursary to a deserving hockey player.

Joshua Bradford is a graduating student from Tobique Valley High School in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.

Joshua has been a sports enthusiast all his life. He learned early on that playing hockey was about more than just the game. It was an opportunity to meet his peers and a reason to get out of the house; when Joshua started hockey, he didn’t have a ton of friends, but this sport was the avenue he needed in order to flourish. He has built lifelong friendships with players, coaches, and referees. He was able to surround himself with people of similar interests and when he was on the ice it was his time to be free. Joshua took hockey seriously and gave it 100%, worked hard, took pride in his work, bettered his skills, and enjoyed teaching others as well. Joshua won an award in 2018 for Most Improved Player, which shows his dedication to the sport and to himself.

Through hockey, Joshua learned the importance of volunteering and would do so annually at the World Pond Hockey Championship, monitoring 14 games. Joshua realized too that beside working hard on the ice, he must work hard off the ice to raise funds for his play time. Joshua worked hard to help his parents as money was tight. Joshua worked summer and winter at a local garage, doing odd jobs. He has his own small vinyl business selling stickers locally and if that is not enough, he buys and fixes old bikes and dirt bikes at an affordable price. This young entrepreneur knows how to succeed!

Joshua will be putting his entrepreneur skills to hard work this summer as he plans to attend the University of New Brunswick to pursue a science in engineering degree. He obviously has excelled at sports, hard work, and academics. Joshua’s transcript was very impressive and something, along with everything else he has accomplished, he should be deeply proud of.

All the reasons listed above make Joshua Bradford a perfect choice for the 2019-2020 HNB Jim Stirling Memorial Scholarship.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD16lgOb5j0


HNB’s Academic Scholarship in memory of Ron Bradbury Recipient

The HNB Academic Scholarship in memory of Ron Bradbury was established in 2002 to recognize the outstanding contribution of Ron Bradbury to the sport of hockey.

Jacob MacDonald is a graduating student from Bernice MacNaughton High School in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Although Jacob has an extensive sports resume, hockey is clearly his passion. Hockey has been a big part of Jacob’s life; helping him grow and develop on and off the ice. Playing this team sport at a young age, he immediately learned the importance of teamwork, positive thinking and maintaining respect in the game and its participants, which has helped him to become a good role model for the younger players. In 2015 Jacob had to adjust to a major change when his family moved to the Middle East (Qatar) for two years. Fortunately, there was an organized hockey league in Qatar, where at the age of 13, Jacob was playing in the Under 18 division. During his last game he suffered a major leg injury, which made it even harder to come back to Canadian hockey in 2017.  Following extensive rehabilitation, Jacob was able to return to hockey, where he played for his high school and was also selected for the All-Star Showcase Selection Team.

Throughout the years, his role in hockey has grown to include leadership, which he applied to better his community service. His biggest contribution was leading a student-based organization to raise money for causes in need. This winter he and fellow students organized the first Winter Wonderland Festival, raising over $2000 for the homeless. In addition to holding the title of Assistant Captain of the hockey team and maintaining excellent grades, he is also Vice-President for the school’s Grad Council. His experience in hockey has also allowed him to thrive as a Camp Counsellor, motivating the campers through positivity. He donated a week’s pay to allow for less fortunate children to attend camp. He is proud to say that his leadership and community involvement skills stemmed from hockey have had a major impact on his life.

Jacob will attend Dalhousie University to pursue a science degree, where he plans to major in Ocean Sciences. He has a passion for the ocean and marine life and wants to gain a better understanding of the ocean and its systems. Jacob fells that given the changing state of our environment, it will be crucial to maintain the health of our oceans and he wants take part in saving our planet.

All the reasons listed above make Jacob MacDonald a perfect choice for the 2019-2020 HNB Academic Scholarship in memory of Ron Bradbury.

video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEi6iOjVM-Q