Updated Hockey Canada Concussion Policy and Toolbox

Attached you will find an electronic postcard that as a Member you can use to create awareness of the Updated Hockey Canada Concussion Policy and Resource Toolbox.
Policy Overview
The updated concussion policy provides an overriding statement with respect to concussion prevention, concussion recognition and responsible return to play if a player suffers a concussion or is suspected of suffering a concussion, and defines the expectations with respect to responsible steps that should be taken in these areas.
Within the policy expected protocol is clearly defined specific to removing a player with a concussion or suspected concussion from play as well as the steps required for return to play. It is important to note that the identified protocol has not changed from what has been expected by Hockey Canada for several years and has only been adjusted to reflect updates from the 2016 Berlin Consensus. The expectation is that all governing bodies within Hockey Canada are requiring the use of the return to play protocol within the policy.
The policy document does include a new component which is identified as the “Concussion Follow-up and Communication Form” (appendix 2).
The Hockey Canada Concussion Card and the Concussion Recognition Tool are included and outline both recognition information and the return to play steps that are expected if a player suffers from a concussion.
Concussion Toolbox
The concussion toolbox is meant to provide tools specific to education and awareness in the area of concussion and will assist Members in educating players, parents, coaches and volunteers on the importance of continuing to prevent concussions and respond responsibly if concussion occurs. Highlights of the toolbox include:
Messaging from Dr. Mark Aubry, Chief Medical Officer, Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada information on the 2016 Berlin Consensus on Concussion in Sport
Links to the Hockey Canada Concussion App
A Concussion App awareness poster
Team Meeting ideas
The Hockey Canada Concussion Resource webpage.
 The toolbox is meant to assist your Minor Hockey Associations in implementing the policy progressively over the months to come.
MHA/League Steps
Make the league/association executives aware of the updated concussion policy stressing the importance of the protocol and identifying gradual implementation of the policy. Emphasize the importance of the identified protocol with respect to full implementation and the gradual implementation of the other policy components.
Encourage team coaches to share the information provided in the toolbox with parents and players.
Continue to emphasize prevention of concussion within their leagues and associations.
Reinforce the protocol for concussion and suspected concussion.
Add the link to the toolbox to MHA websites.
Through continuous implementation of the policy and the support of the Members and Leagues/Association we will continue to make our game safe and fun!

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