Hockey New Brunswick FUNdamentals Demo Day

Hockey New Brunswick will partner with minor hockey associations to deliver the FUNdamentals Demo Day during the regularly scheduled IP ice times. The events will be facilitated by HNB staff. Community leads may be asked for on ice assistance. MHA Initiation coaches will also be needed for on ice support. The program will be designed to accommodate 4 initiation teams at a time (35-50 players); association’s are encouraged to partner with neighbouring association’s to run two on-ice sessions accommodating between 70-100 players. All players participating in this event will receive a Hockey New Brunswick jersey.

Rink dividers will be used to divide the ice into 3-5 stations. One station will occupy 1/3 of the ice and be used for a cross ice game. Rink dividers will also be used to divide the remaining 2/3 of the ice into 2-4 stations. Two teams will participate in a cross ice game while two teams will be divided into the other stations and working on skill development. Skating, puck handling, passing, and shooting drills will be the focus of stations 1-4 while a cross ice game is happening in station 5. Teams will switch stations every 10 minutes and be given equal opportunity to play a cross ice game and work on their skills in the skills stations.

In 2016-2017, HNB will partner with one association in every district throughout the province for a minimum of 10 events. Beyond 2017, the plan is to have this event available to all associations by request.


Through a Go NB grant, HNB has purchased rink dividers, small nets, and lightweight pucks. These items are all designed to align with the Hockey Canada Long Term Player Development model and should be used in all initiation programs throughout the province.


The purpose of the HNB FUNdamentals Demo Day is to educate coaches, players, and parents on the importance of using small area games as a development tool in the initiation program. The Jamboree will also provide the opportunity to learn about Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development model.

The program will also introduce new equipment that is available for minor hockey associations. The event will demonstrate to MHAs the benefit of using age appropriate equipment.

Finally, the event will be used as a development opportunity for Initiation coaches. Coaches will have the opportunity to be part of an efficient shared ice practice, they will be shown how to run a proper cross ice game, and they will have the opportunity to learn new, age appropriate drills.

FUNdamentals Demo Days request form

For more information, please contact:

Mike Gillingham Technical Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 506.453.0864

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