Reffing runs in the family

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March 3, 2016

Reffing Runs in the Family

Among the 32 registered HNB officials from the regional hockey scene, four are father-son duos who proudly wear the stripes and who are from the Grand Falls, New Brunswick area.

Two of the sets are dads- Danny Michaud and Luc Martin- who started reffing and their boys later became officials. The other two sets are sons- Nicholas Sirois and Alexis Martin who then inspired their fathers Luc and Mario, to start refereeing.

A former high school and regional senior hockey player; one of the dads, Luc Martin, has been wearing the stripes for the past 32 years and is currently the referee in chief in the North West Regional hockey league. His son, Pier-Luc has worked a game as one of his linesmen a few times over this past season.

“There is something pretty special about seeing each other on the same ice surface as referees. My hope is that someday, we will both be the referee in chief in the same game. I still have a lot of passion for it and being a referee allows me to stay close to the game”, said Luc Martin, who started wearing the black and white jersey at age 16. Martin was also a volunteer coach for the senior hockey team until the end of last season.

At only 18 years old, Pier-Luc Martin is in his seventh year as an official and he really enjoys moments where he and his father share the workload of an official on the same ice surface.

“I tried it when I was 11 years old and I loved it. Although many players try to intimidate young officials, it’s important to keep a cool head and call the game how you see it. As for the spectators’ reactions, that’s all part of the job. When you make a call, it will be appreciated by 50% of them and contested by the other half. The comments I hear made in frustration make me laugh more than anything else” said the strapping 6’3’ young Martin.

Former goalie with the Élites of the Polyvalente Thomas-Albert in Grand Falls, Pier-Luc stepped away from his active player status when he withdrew from the Regional Senior league Drav’Cats of Grand-Falls Bas Madawaska this season.

“A team asked me to come back, but since I had started refereeing, it was impossible to come back to the game as a player”, said young Martin, who has his level IV.

At age 51, Luc Sirois has worked as a linesman under the authority of a few of his 25 year old son Nicholas’s games when Nicholas was head referee.
“It’s a little bit powerful to do this together. When there are difficult decisions in the heat of the moment, he doesn’t hesitate to consult me. Even though I have no authority on the ice, wisdom can sometimes be useful…” joked Luc Sirois as he burst into laughter.

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