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Co-Ed Dressing Room Policy

Amended October 14, 2004

At Hockey New Brunswick's 2003 Annual General Meeting, a notice of motion was accepted by its membership to adopt and enforce the Hockey Canada Co-ed Dressing room policy.  This policy as it exists in the Hockey Canada Bulletin 01/28 was approved by the Hockey Canada Board of Directors:

  1. When separate facilities exist for both male and female participants, males and females shall make use of these separate facilities.
  2. If the facility does not have separate changing areas available, players shall address the issue by dressing, undressing, and showering in shifts. It is the responsibility of the team to provide a plan that will ensure the safety of individual players when they are dressing, undressing and showering.
  3. This agreement is a minimum method of resolving the issue.
  4. Individual teams shall be free to relax these rules/guidelines to best address the needs of all participants if the team agrees with an alternate plan.

Where a team cannot agree on an alternate plan as set out in section 4, the player of an under-represented gender may insist on the application of the following policy:

  • A Statement of Intent: The HNB and its local Associations are committed to the equal participation of male and female players at all levels of league play and in furtherance of this goal will, implement policies to ensure protection of the reasonable intimacy and safety of all players while ensuring equal access for all players to coaching time and team participation.
  • Dress Code: in teams made up of players of both genders, the changing rooms will be supervised by coaches and assistants, male players shall not undress to less than a minimum of boxer shorts and female players to less than a minimum of shorts and a t-shirt while players of the other gender are present;
  • Showering: in teams made up of players of both genders, players of the under-represented gender must be able to have access to the shower facilities and exit the change room prior to the rest of the players having access to the shower facilities.
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